Gender Identity in Youth: A (Scathing) Rebuttal

There has been an astounding amount of attention on social media (and I cringe as I accept this platform as a medium for discourse) about an article regarding gender identity in childhood and adolescence posted by the evangelical right wing physician’s group the ‘American College of Pediatricians’ (…) Their message is dangerously and deliberately misinformed,… Read More »

Coase, firms, and governments: two important takeaways

I’ve been thinking about a couple classic papers by Ronald Coase (Nobel Prize in Economics, 1991) lately. Here are some ideas that I think are important. *** There are transaction costs associated with participation in markets. Firms (companies) provide a way to reduce those transaction costs, but at the cost of higher inefficiencies that come… Read More »


I’m going to propose a bit of a transition. We’ve been utilizing Yuppity over the past year or so as a place for our group of friends to post longform articles that we’ve written from time to time. For instance, TRF has recently written a couple of articles around machine learning, which are excellent. We’ve had… Read More »

‘It’s food for thought – or rather mind wine’

“ A slight twist of lime rhyme be chasing down your primetime It’s food for thought or rather mind wine” Nas’  It Was Written  dropped in 1996. It was the follow-up album to his seminal and foundational (in the annals of hip-hop) album, Illmatic. Critical reception at the time of release was lukewarm; it was a stylistic… Read More »