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Frankenfoods: Reviving An Undergrad Essay on Biotech

This is revival of an essay written for an Ethics of Science and Technology class taken in undergrad, as an extension to some of the commentary on a previous post. Sure, in re-reading the essay it has all the symptoms of an overly verbose undergraduate trying to make a point. But amid the overly florid diction… Read More »

Sleeping with children

This is a candid discussion regarding a recent review of co-sleeping and infants: “Why babies should never sleep alone: A review of the co-sleeping controversy in relation to SIDS, bedsharing and breast feeding” This isn’t the usual hard-nose scientific discourse we have been prone to engage in haha, but a very interesting debate nonetheless, and… Read More »

Planes, trains and pneumatic tubes

I consider myself a futurist – a techie, a geek, a singularitarian. A futurist is someone with a distinctive optimism for anything tech related – basically, a deranged daydreamer with his or her head in the clouds (the network variety, not the cumulus). My association with this movement is likely a byproduct of excessive video… Read More »