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‘It’s food for thought – or rather mind wine’

“ A slight twist of lime rhyme be chasing down your primetime It’s food for thought or rather mind wine” Nas’  It Was Written  dropped in 1996. It was the follow-up album to his seminal and foundational (in the annals of hip-hop) album, Illmatic. Critical reception at the time of release was lukewarm; it was a stylistic… Read More »

Basic income primer

I’ve had this queued up for a while. Turns out it’s International Basic Income Week this week: good excuse for me to post this now. What is it? Basic income is a proposed welfare system that gives every adult citizen an unconditional income to cover essential living expenses. Everyone receives the same non-means-tested income: a… Read More »

I want to be a

These are my main issues with higher education today: -it divides society into winners and losers along socioeconomic lines -it delivers education through a single outdated model -it’s an inefficient way of getting people into the jobs we need them to do right now For all of these reasons, we need to update our thinking… Read More »