I’m going to propose a bit of a transition. We’ve been utilizing Yuppity over the past year or so as a place for our group of friends to post longform articles that we’ve written from time to time. For instance, TRF has recently written a couple of articles around machine learning, which are excellent. We’ve had some pretty stimulating conversations from eeo361, and we’ve had the odd contribution from Nic Olson. But I’d like Yuppity to be a little bit more than something for our intellectual deposits. I’d rather it be a place we visit more often.

Over the past couple of years many of the contributors of Yuppity have had regular conversations on Google+ via posting articles and having a conversation within the comment system of Google+. Some of these spontaneous conversations have been pretty dang good. EEO even took the liberty of posting one of our conversations to Yuppity (The Great Melanoma Debate). I’d like to foster a bit more of this discussion over at Yuppity.

For now, I think we should try posting recommended longform articles to Yuppity, which can serve to fill in the gaps while we think of our next articles to write. Often times, I am stimulated to write a piece after reading a great article or seeing an interesting video. From now on, when I can’t muster up the courage to write an article of my own, I will post a link to the article I am interested in with highlighted quotes. Sort of a glorified tl;dr.

Just a couple other tools: There is a wordpress button for your bookmarks bar, where you can highlight text on a page and have a new post started based on that highlight. Also, the iOS and Android apps are an easy way to check on site progress and post comments on the go.

It just so happens I have a great article to start with…. (see next post).

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