Basic income primer

I’ve had this queued up for a while. Turns out it’s International Basic Income Week this week: good excuse for me to post this now. What is it? Basic income is a proposed welfare system that gives every adult citizen an unconditional income to cover essential living expenses. Everyone receives the same non-means-tested income: a… Read More »

I want to be a

These are my main issues with higher education today: -it divides society into winners and losers along socioeconomic lines -it delivers education through a single outdated model -it’s an inefficient way of getting people into the jobs we need them to do right now For all of these reasons, we need to update our thinking… Read More »

The great melanoma debate

In classic yuppity form, a pretty entertaining and insightful back and forth was had between hewlfaz and eeo361. The topic of discussion was sunlight exposure and melanoma risk, prompted by the article linked below, which suggests that ‘scientists have it wrong’ regarding the connection between the two. ‘Scientists Blow the Lid on Cancer and Sunscreen… Read More »